Entreprenerd: Marketing Programmers

Download free course Entreprenerd: Marketing Programmers, pdf file on 301 pages by Jack Kinsella.
A modern web-marketing book that outlines a multi-modal system for growing a website with SEO, Google AdWords/Facebook Ads, Conversion Optimisation, Copywriting/Classic Persuasion/Behavioural Psychology, Google Analytics, Statistical Significance, Email Marketing, and Remarketing. When I launched my first web application it started off with zero traffic. This obviously was not satisfactory so I started a private Berlin-based marketing group with local marketing consultants and tech company owners. During these sessions, I was privy to tactics from marketers working with companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon Audible, Delivery Hero, ResearchGate, etc. To balance things out, I also conferred with people active in the darker side of internet marketing, like guys running shady coupon sites or selling fitness ebooks. This book is the product of what I learned from these sessions and my own experiments.

The approach outlined in this book is one possible answer to this question. In a nutshell, the strategy is as follows: You will take out online advertisements and invest in SEO so as to inform relevant members of the public that you exist. Thanks to the potency of these measures, a steady stream of promising leads will arrive to your website. Here, you will apply the psychological tactics of conversion optimisation and copywriting to convince these leads to place orders, download your music, or whatever it is you want them to do. Following their conversion, you will send these past customers automated emails and display remarketing ads so as to keep them coming back to you again and again. Meanwhile, throughout every stage of this process, you will study reports in Google Analytics to discover which particular marketing measures brought you the highest profits. So as not to be fooled by randomness, you will apply statistical significance testing, thereby ensuring that any confidence you have in your marketing conclusions is justified.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Intro to SEO
  • SEO: First Steps
  • SEO on Each Individual Page
  • SEO at the Whole-Website Level
  • SEO by Mitigating Duplicate Content Issues
  • SEO in Image Search
  • SEO Through Backlinks
  • SEO Vis-à-Vis Social Media
  • SEO and Internationalisation
  • Copywriting
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Statistical (In)Significance
  • Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Paid Advertising
  • Paid Advertising: First Steps
  • Paid Advertising: Staying Organised
  • Paid Advertising: Targeting
  • Paid Advertising: Ad Creatives
  • Paid Advertising: Strategic Principles
  • Paid Advertising: Debugging and Optimisation
Pages : 301
Size : 5.0 MB
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Created: 2022-02-02
License: CC BY
Author(s): Jack Kinsella
Entreprenerd: Marketing  Programmers

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