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This book teaches you to take your C programming skills to new heights, whether you're just starting out with C or have more extensive experience. Organized by level, this comprehensive guide lets you jump in where it suits you best while still reaping the maximum benefits.

The C programming language has been around for a long time - the canonical reference for it is the book written by its creators, Kernighan and Ritchie [1978]. Since then, C has been used in an incredible number of applications. Programs and systems written in C are all around us: in personal computers, phones, cameras, set-top boxes, refrigerators, cars, mainframes, satellites, basically in any modern device that has a programmable interface.

Table of contents

  • Getting started
  • Imperative programming
  • Compiling and running
  • The principal structure of a program
  • Grammar
  • Declarations
  • Definitions
  • Statements
  • Warning to experienced C programmers
  • Everything is about control
  • Conditional execution
  • Iterations
  • Multiple selection
  • Expressing computations
  • Arithmetic
  • Operators that modify objects
  • Boolean context
  • The ternary or conditional operator
  • Evaluation order
  • Basic values and data
  • Basic types
  • Specifying values
  • Initializers
  • Named constants
  • Binary representions
  • Aggregate data types
  • Arrays
  • Pointers as opaque types
  • Structures
  • New names for types: typedef
  • Functions
  • Simple functions
  • main is special
  • Recursion
  • C Library functions
  • Mathematics
  • Input, output and file manipulation
  • String processing and conversion
  • Time
  • Runtime environment settings
  • Program termination and assertions
  • Style
  • Formatting
  • Naming
  • Organization and documentation
  • Interface documentation
  • Implementation
  • Macros
  • Pure functions
  • Pointers
  • Address-of and object-of operators
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Pointers and structs
  • Opaque structures
  • Array and pointer access are the same
  • Array and pointer parameters are the same
  • Null pointers
  • Function pointers
  • The C memory model
  • A uniform memory model
  • Unions
  • Memory and state
  • Pointers to unspecific objects
  • Implicit and explicit conversions
  • Effective Type
  • Alignment
  • Allocation, initialization and destruction
  • malloc and friends
  • Storage duration, lifetime and visibility
  • Initialization
  • Digression: a machine model
  • More involved use of the C library
  • Text processing
  • Formatted input
  • Extended character sets
  • Binary files
  • Error checking and cleanup
  • Performance
  • Safety first
  • Optimizers are good enough
  • Help the compiler
  • Inline functions
  • Avoid aliasing: restrict qualifiers
  • Measurement and inspection
  • Functionlike macros
  • how does it work
  • Argument checking
  • Accessing the calling context
  • Variable length argument lists
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Modern C PDF book

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