C# Notes for Professionals

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Table of contents

  • Getting started with C# Language
  • Literals
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Equality Operator
  • Equals and GetHashCode
  • Null-Coalescing Operator
  • Null-conditional Operators
  • nameof Operator
  • Verbatim Strings
  • Common String Operations
  • String.Format
  • String Concatenate
  • String Manipulation
  • String Interpolation
  • String Escape Sequences
  • StringBuilder
  • Regex Parsing
  • DateTime Methods
  • Arrays
  • O(n) Algorithm for circular rotation of an array
  • Enum
  • Tuples
  • Guid
  • BigInteger
  • Collection Initializers
  • An overview of C# collections
  • Looping
  • Iterators
  • IEnumerable
  • Value type vs Reference type
  • Built-in Types
  • Aliases of built-in types
  • Anonymous types
  • Dynamic type
  • Type Conversion
  • Casting
  • Nullable types
  • Constructors and Finalizers
  • Access Modifiers
  • Interfaces
  • Static Classes
  • Singleton Implementation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Partial class and methods
  • Object initializers
  • Methods
  • Extension Methods
  • Named Arguments
  • Named and Optional Arguments
  • Data Annotation
  • Keywords
  • Object Oriented Programming In C#
  • Recursion
  • Naming Conventions
  • XML Documentation Comments
  • Comments and regions
  • Inheritance
  • Generics
  • Using Statement
  • Using Directive
  • IDisposable interface
  • Reflection
  • IQueryable interface
  • Linq to Objects
  • LINQ Queries
  • LINQ to XML
  • Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)
  • XmlDocument and the System.Xml namespace
  • XDocument and the System.Xml.Linq namespace
  • C# 7.0 Features
  • C# 6.0 Features
  • C# 5.0 Features
  • C# 4.0 Features
  • C# 3.0 Features
  • Exception Handling
  • NullReferenceException
  • Handling FormatException when converting string to other types
  • Read & Understand Stacktraces
  • Diagnostics
  • Overflow
  • Getting Started: Json with C#
  • Using json.net
  • Lambda expressions
  • Generic Lambda Query Builder
  • Properties
  • Initializing Properties
  • INotifyPropertyChanged interface
  • Events
  • Expression Trees
  • Overload Resolution
  • BindingList<T>
  • Preprocessor directives
  • Structs
  • Attributes
  • Delegates
  • File and Stream I/O
  • Networking
  • Performing HTTP requests
  • Reading and writing .zip files
  • FileSystemWatcher
  • Access network shared folder with username and password
  • Asynchronous Socket
  • Action Filters
  • Polymorphism
  • Immutability
  • Indexer
  • Checked and Unchecked
  • Stream
  • Timers
  • Stopwatches
  • Threading
  • Async/await, Backgroundworker, Task and Thread Examples
  • Async-Await
  • Synchronization Context in Async-Await
  • BackgroundWorker
  • Task Parallel Library
  • Making a variable thread safe
  • Lock Statement
  • Yield Keyword
  • Task Parallel Library (TPL) Dataflow Constructs
  • Functional Programming
  • Func delegates
  • Function with multiple return values
  • Binary Serialization
  • ICloneable
  • IComparable
  • Accessing Databases
  • Using SQLite in C#
  • Caching
  • Code Contracts
  • Code Contracts and Assertions
  • Structural Design Patterns
  • Creational Design Patterns
  • Implementing Decorator Design Pattern
  • Implementing Flyweight Design Pattern
  • System.Management.Automation
  • System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection
  • C# Authentication handler
  • Pointers
  • Pointers & Unsafe Code
  • How to use C# Structs to create a Union type (Similar to C Unions)
  • Reactive Extensions (Rx)
  • AssemblyInfo.cs Examples
  • Creating a Console Application using a Plain-Text Editor and the C# Compiler (csc.exe)
  • CLSCompliantAttribute
  • ObservableCollection<T>
  • Hash Functions
  • Generating Random Numbers in C#
  • Cryptography (System.Security.Cryptography)
  • ASP.NET Identity
  • Unsafe Code in .NET
  • C# Script
  • Runtime Compile
  • Interoperability
  • .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn)
  • ILGenerator
  • T4 Code Generation
  • Creating Own MessageBox in Windows Form Application
  • Including Font Resources
  • Import Google Contacts
  • Garbage Collector in .Net
  • Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices
  • Windows Communication Foundation
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Author(s): Stack Overflow Contributors
C# Notes for Professionals

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