25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications

Download free course 25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications, pdf file on 38 pages by Red Gate.../images/

Read the tips and tricks recommended by some of the smartest minds in the ASP.NET community.

25 tips from the ASP.NET community for boosting performance in your web applications; Learn the secrets of your fellow developers and read advice from MVPs and other experts; Covers async/await, Web API, ORMs, interactions between your code and your database, and more...

Table of contents

  • Want to build scalable websites and services? Work asynchronously
  • Where are your custom performance counters?
  • RavenDB
  • Don't call AsEnumerable on a collection before using LINQ
  • Never call .Wait() or .Result on a Task
  • Throwing HttpResponseExceptions
  • Web API tracing
  • Message Handlers
  • Database access
  • When you're profiling, prefer accuracy to detail
  • Make the most of connection pooling by closing SQLConnection as soon as possible
  • OutputCache
  • Use ConfigureAwait to avoid thread hopping, especially in library code
  • Be careful of variable allocations
  • How to stress test your public facing web application using the cloud (or without it)
  • Using the keyword await doesn't make the work asynchronous
  • Don't use async/await for short methods
  • Turn off Change Tracking in Entity Framework
  • Always use compiled queries in Entity Framework
  • Diagnosing JavaScript memory leaks with Chrome Dev tools
  • Monitoring memory consumption
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25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications

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