Scratch programming guide in PDF

Download Scratch programming tutorial by Julian Screawn, Scratch facilitate learning programming by designing and using blocks to create animation, games and videos.

The purpose of this PDF guide is to enable Scratch learner :

  • To create environments where students can have opportunities to develop Scratch usage and programming skills.
  • To explore the ways in which Scratch can be used as a tool to enhance the teaching-learning process across the curriculum.

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Basic skills
  • Creative activities
  • Programming skills
  • Problem solving
  • How to scaffold learning with scratch
  • Learning from project
  • Why use Scratch ?
  • What can i do with Scratch ?
  • Scaffoliding activities
  • How to make game with Scratch programming
  • Video example of Scratch programming
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File type : pdf
Downloads: 929
Created: 2018-04-17

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