Introduction to Programming with Scratch

This PDF tutorial will introduce you to programming using Scratch from MIT. Free document training course under 43 pages by Donald Bourret.

The free Scratch software was created to introduce students to the fundamentals of programming. Here are some ways to start in confidence with them.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Create a Scratch Account
  • Scratch Editor
  • Movement and Loops
  • Moving
  • Turning and Waiting
  • Conditional Actions and Keyboard Commands
  • Square (continued)
  • More Repeat Loops
  • Forever Loops
  • Cleanup and Save
  • If Blocks
  • Keyboard Commands
  • Adding More Sprites
  • Adding Sound
  • Messages
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Message Practice
  • Animation
  • Bitmap Mode
  • Vector Mode
  • Drawing Costumes
  • Simple Animation
  • Moving from the Background to the Foreground
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Variables
  • Numeric Variables
  • String Variables
  • Algorithms
  • Program Structure
  • Advanced Programs
  • Project

Historic of Scratch

Seymour Papert, pioneering researcher and visionary of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is one of the creators of the LOGO programming language, which was intended to encourage children to solve problems. He argued that a programming language must have a low threshold and high ceilings, that is, be easily accessible with great potential.

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