Kotlin tutorial in PDF

Kotlin for Android Developers

Google has recently formalized Kotlin as a language supported by Android,it's time to take a look at this language!

This Kotlin course will teach you how to develop with Kotlin on Android Studio as part of the mobile development for Android platforms.

  • Why a new language for Android?
  • Main differences with Java
  • The development environment
  • Basic Syntax (types, variables, tests, loops, packages, functions)
  • Classes and variants (nested, enum, data)
  • The classics (interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.)
  • Delegation
  • Generics

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • What is Kotlin?
  • What do we get with Kotlin?
  • Getting ready
  • Android Studio
  • Install Kotlin plugins
  • Creating a new project
  • Create the project in Android Studio
  • Configure Gradle
  • Convert MainActivity to Kotlin code
  • Test that everything works
  • Classes and functions
  • How to declare a class
  • Class inheritance
  • Functions
  • Constructor and functions parameters
  • Writing your first class
  • Creating the layout
  • The Recycler Adapter
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Kotlin tutorial in PDF

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Kotlin tutorial in PDF

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