C++ Exercices with solutions

Download free document in PDF about C++ language, exercices and solutions for beginners and intermediate level students.


  • What is the difference between malloc, calloc and realloc?
  • What does malloc return in C and C++?
  • what is the output?
  • Declare a pointer to a function that takes a char pointer
  • as argument and returns a void pointer.
  • How do we open a binary file in Read/Write mode in C?
  • what is wrong with this type of declaration?
  • what do you mean by exception handling?
  • What are "pure virtual" functions?
  • What is the difference between member functions and
  • static member functions?
  • What is the4 difference between delete[] and delete?
  • Question on Copy constructor.
  • What are namespaces?
  • Difference between function overloading and function overriding.
  • Give the output of the programs in each case unless mentioned otherwise
  • Find the output for the following C program
  • Exercices ans solutions
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C++ Exercices with solutions

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