Introduction to JPA

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The use for the persistence of mapping allows us to offer a higher level of abstraction than the simple use of JDBC: This mapping ensures the transformation of objects to the database and also the opposite that whether for readings or updates (creation, modification or deletion).

The Java Persistence API is based on the entities that are simple annotated POJOs and a manager of these entities (EntityManager) that provides functionality to manipulate (add, modify delete, search). The Manager is responsible for managing the state entities and their persistence in the database.

Table of contents

  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Introduction to JPA
  • Entity Manager
  • Persistence Context
  • En4ty Relationships
  • JPA and Spring
  • Java Stack Config
  • JPQL
  • Native Query
  • Criteria Query

The annotations @Entity (and all the other JPA annotations) can be replaced and / or Overloaded (XML files outweigh the annotations) by recorded information in an XML configuration file.

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