Beginning node.js pdf download

Node.js is an easy way to execute JavaScript outside of a browser and a framework to develop highly-scalable applications which can handle servals of simultaneous client connections efficiently.

This is a Node.js PDF Tutorial for free download. You will learn About What Node.js is, What Node.js is not, Features, Followed by a some example of each of the modules of Node.js API. By the end of this Tutorial, you will be able to understand the basics of Node.js . 

Table of contents

  • What Is Node.js?
  • What Node.js Is NOT
  • A JavaScript Runtime
  • Why Node.js Matters
  • Node.js & Progress
  • Progress’ Commitment to Node.js
  • Node.js as the Middleman
  • Node.js as a Proxy
  • HTTP Proxy 
  • IRC Bot / Chat / Messaging 
  • Web service (data)
  • real time analysis (data, email)
  • Client of another web service (Like Twitter client)
  • real time collaboration
  • Log and log monitoring 
Beginning node.js pdf download
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