The Web as History

Download free course The Web as History, pdf file on 298 pages by Niels Brügger, Ralph Schroeder.
he World Wide Web has now been in use for more than 20 years. From early browsers to today's principal source of information, entertainment and much else, the Web is an integral part of our daily lives, to the extent that some people believe 'if it's not online, it doesn't exist.' While this statement is not entirely true, it is becoming increasingly accurate, and reflects the Web's role as an indispensable treasure trove. It is curious, therefore, that historians and social scientists have thus far made little use of the Web to investigate historical patterns of culture and society, despite making good use of letters, novels, newspapers, radio and television programmes, and other pre-digital artefacts.This volume argues that now is the time to ask what we have learnt from the Web so far. The 12 chapters explore this topic from a number of interdisciplinary angles - through histories of national web spaces and case studies of different government and media domains - as well as an introduction that provides an overview of this exciting new area of research.

Table of contents

  • The web as history
  • The size and shape of web domains
  • Analysing the UK web domain and exploring 15 years of UK universities on the web
  • Live versus archive: Comparing a web archive to a population of web pages
  • Exploring the domain names of the Danish web
  • Media and government
  • The tumultuous history of news on the web
  • International hyperlinks in online news media
  • From far away to a click away: The French state and public services in the 1990s
  • Cultural and political histories
  • Welcome to the web: The online community of GeoCities during the early years of the World Wide Web
  • Using the web to examine the evolution of the abortion debate in Australia, 2005-2015
  • Religious discourse in the archived web: Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and the sharia law controversy of 2008
  • Taqwacore is Dead. Long Live Taqwacore or punk's not dead?: Studying the online evolution of the Islamic punk scene
  • Cultures of the UK web
  • Coda: Web archives for humanities research - some reflections
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Created: 2022-02-03
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Author(s): Niels Brügger, Ralph Schroeder
The Web as History

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