Learning AngularJS

This PDF tutorial is designed for those who wish to learn the basics of AngularJS quickly and efficiently. It describes the components of AngularJS with appropriate examples.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with AngularJS
  • MVC Angular
  • angularjs with data filter, pagination, etc.
  • AngularJS traps and traps
  • Lazy Loading
  • How Data Link Works
  • Components
  • Controllers
  • Controllers with ES6
  • Request $ http
  • Filters
  • Angular Promises with the $ q Service
  • Loop Digestion
  • Class Directive ng
  • Integrated Guidelines
  • Custom Instructions
  • Guidelines Using ngModelController
  • Distinguish Service vs. Factory
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Filters with ES6
  • Integrated Support Features
  • Suppliers
  • Printing
  • Addiction Injection
  • HTTP interceptor
  • Debugging
  • The Self or This Variable in a Controller
  • Migration to Angular 2+
  • Sharing Data
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Created: 2019-04-21

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