Introduction to Microsoft Publisher

Download Introduction to Microsoft Publisher in PDF, free training document about how to create a perform basic tasks and creating business and greeting card.

In this PDF tutorial, you create, format, edit, and share publications and you will:

  • Perform basic tasks in the Microsoft Publisher interface.
  • Add content to a publication.
  • Format of text and paragraphs in a publication.
  • Manage the text in a publication.
  • Work with graphics in a publication.
  • Prepare a publication for printing and sharing.

Table of contents

  • Publisher Basics
  • Useful Definitions
  • Open Publisher
  • Create New Publications
  • Projects
  • Create a Calendar
  • Save Your Publication
  • Print Your Publication
  • Create Other Publications (if time allows)
  • Create a Business Card
  • Create a Greeting Card
  • Use Publisher’s Help
  • Further Reading and Learning 
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Created: 2018-04-17

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