Responsive Web Design Tutorial

Download free Responsive Web Design With fluid grids for desktop, tablet, and mobile, with example and exercises, course material, tutorial training, a PDF file under 30 pages by Tim Davison.

Table of contents

  • A Brief History
  • A Definition
  • Flexible Grid-based Layout
  • Flexible Images and Media
  • Media Queries
  • Content-based break-points
  • Another Definition
  • Adaptive Web Design
  • Fixed layouts and image sizes.
  • Pros and Cons
  • Advantage of a responsive approach
  • Designing With Grids
  • FAQ
  • the relationship between Responsive Web Design and designing for a mobile user
  • Grid Systems for the Web
  • Harmony, consistency, clarity.
  • Order adds to the credibility of
  • the design.
  • Promotes collaboration.
  • Not quite a blank canvas
  • Supporting Classes
  • The 3 Grids
  • Sample Wireframe
  • Desktop Wireframe
  • Tablet Wireframe
  • Mobile Wireframe
  • the CSS and HTML
  • Supporting Classes
  • Nested Grid Classes
  • What about?
  • Feature phones
  • Internet Explorer
  • Replace Grid Classes
  • Add Tablet Classes
  • Add Mobile Classes
  • Troubleshoot layout
  • Tweak CSS as required
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