Voice over IP overview in pdf


Download free training tutorial in pdf about VoIP (Voice over IP),document in 46 pages designated to intermediate level-users.

Internet telephony is the transmission of voice over the public Internet network.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the transmission of voice using the IP protocol.

The medium used may be the public Internet network or a private network.

VoIP will be studied in comparison to conventional telephony.

VoIP is based on packet switching with the use of IP network.

Conventional telephony uses circuit-based switching based on the RTCP network

Table of contents

  • Why use VoIP?
  • Introduction of new services
  • VoIP application scenarios
  • Elements of a VoIP network
  • ITU-T H.323
  • H.323 protocol stack
  • H.323 call phases
  • Optimization goals and constraints
  • IETF activities
  • Available tools/libraries and products
  • VoIP platforms
  • Implications on a CSA for VoIP
  • Packet delay vs. network utilization
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