Internet of Things

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First IFIP International Cross-Domain Conference, IFIPIoT 2018, Held at the 24th IFIP World Computer Congress, WCC 2018, Poznan, Poland, September 18-19, 2018, Revised Selected Papers

Table of contents

  • WCC 2018 Plenary Contributions: Keynote, Special Sessions
  • Responsible Data Science in a Dynamic World: The Four Essential Elements of Data Science
  • How Three Poznan University Students Broke the German Enigma Code and Shortened World War Two
  • Professionalism and Frameworks
  • Should Artificial Intelligence Be More Regulated? Panel Discussion
  • IFIPIoT 2018 Invited Papers: Keynote, Panel Discussion
  • The Internet of Things is Hardly About Technology
  • IoT: Do We Have a Choice? Draft IFIP Position Paper
  • IFIPIoT 2018 Refereed Papers
  • The Outcomes of the Implementation of Internet of Things: A Public Value Perspective
  • Strategies for Reducing Power Consumption and Increasing Reliability in IoT
  • An Internet of Things (IoT) Model for Optimising Downtime Management: A Smart Lighting Case Study
  • IoT Enabled Process Innovation: Exploring Sensor-Based Digital Service Design Through an Information Requirements Framework
  • An Internet of Things Based Platform for Real-Time Management of Energy Consumption in Water Resource Recovery Facilities
  • A New Reconfigurable Architecture with Applications to IoT and Mobile Computing
  • Unexpected Inferences from Sensor Data: A Hidden Privacy Threat in the Internet of Things
  • Issues in Implementing a Data Integration Platform for Electric Vehicles Using the Internet of Things
  • Working with IoT - A Case Study Detailing Workplace Digitalization Through IoT System Adoption
  • Opportunities for the Internet of Things in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Domain
  • Internet of Things: The Present Status, Future Impacts and Challenges in Nigerian Agriculture
  • IoTutor: How Cognitive Computing Can Be Applied to Internet of Things Education
  • Author Index
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Internet of Things

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