Configuring VoIP Call Setup Monitoring

 Download tutorial about configuring VoIP call and setup monitoring, it's a free training document material in 14 pages by Scisco designated to intermediate level users.

Table of contents

  • Prerequisites for VoIP Call Setup Monitoring
  • Information About VoIP Call Setup Monitoring
  • IP SLAs VoIP Call Setup Monitoring Using H.323 or SIP
  • Configuring the Source Gateway
  • Configuring a VoIP Call Setup Montioring Operation
  • Scheduling IP SLAs Operations
  • configure terminal
  • show ip sla group schedule
  • show ip sla configuration
  • configure terminal
  • dial-peer voice tag voip
  • incoming called-number tag
  • application application-name
  • Session protocol sipv2
  • Example VoIP Call Setup Configuration on the Source Gateway
  • Feature Information for VoIP Call Setup Monitoring

Excerpt from tutorial

The Cisco IOS IP SLAs VoIP Call Setup Monitoring feature provides the ability to measure your network’s response time for setting up a VoIP call. Prior to configuring an IP SLAs VoIP call setup operation, you must enable the IP SLAs VoIP test-call application on the originating gateway (source). With the IP SLAs VoIP test-call application enabled, H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call messages can be sent to and received by the originating (source) and terminating (destination) gateways.

The configuration for the IPSLAs VoIP call setup operation is essentially the same for both protocols.

The IP SLAs VoIP call setup operation can measure the total time from when an source gateway sends a call message, containing a call number, to when the sourcegateway receives a response from the destination gateway indicating that either the called number rang or the called party answered the call.

As with all Cisco IOS IP SLAs operations, you can configure the VoIP call setup operation to repeat at specified time intervals, for a specified number of repetitions, and over a specified duration of time.


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