Guide to Computer Network Security, 4th Edition

This definitive text/reference on computer network and information security presents a comprehensive guide to the repertoire of security tools, algorithms and best practices mandated by the rapidly evolving ubiquitous technology we are increasingly dependent on. Fully revised and updated, this timely new edition encompasses the latest developments in system resource virtualization, cloud computing models, and mobile computing technology, including a new chapter on the Internet of Things. Topics and features: Highlights the magnitude of the vulnerabilities, weaknesses and loopholes inherent in current computer network technologies; Discusses how to develop effective security solutions, protocols, and best practices for the continuously evolving computing environment; Examines the role of legislation, regulation, and enforcement in securing computing and mobile systems; Describes the burning security issues increasingly brought about by the rapid advances in technologies like the Internet of Things, and the eroding boundaries between enterprise and home networks; Provides both quickly workable and more thought-provoking exercises at the end of each chapter, with one chapter devoted entirely to hands-on exercises.
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Guide to Computer Network Security, 4th Edition
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