Network Protocols and Vulnerabilities

This tutorial is about the network security and how they are not perfect ,it decribe some of attacks and how to protect against them.

This courses under 15 pages is in format pdf and designed to beginners.

Table of contents

  • Basic Networking
  • Network attacks
  • Attack host networking protocols
  • SYN flooding, TCP Spoofing, …
  • Attack network infrastructure
  • Routing
  • Domain Name System
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • TCP Protocol Stack
  • Local and interdomain routing
  • Find IP address
  • Data Formats
  • Internet Protocol
  • IP Routing
  • Two-level Address Hierarchy
  • Different address formats: Class A, Class B, Class C
  • Simple Routing Example
  • IP Protocol Functions
  • User Datagram Protocol
  • Transmission Control Protocol
  • File Transfer Protoco
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Basic Security Problems
  • Internet Control Message Protocol
  • TCP Connection Spoofing
  • IP Spoofing Attack
  • TCP Attack on Congestion Contro
  • Protection against SYN Attacks
  • TCP Sequence Numbers
  • The BGP Security Problem
  • Attack Mode
  • Defenses against Bellovin/Mockapetris Attack
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