Introduction to Ethical Hacking

This tutorial is about network security and ethical hacker, hacking is the science of testing network for security vulnerabilities and plugging the holes you

find before the bad guys get a chance to exploit them.

An ethical hacker is an expert hired by a company to try to tackle their network and computer system in the same way as an intruder. Ethics Hackers use the same techniques and tactics that are used by illegal hackers for breaching corporate security systems. The end result is the ability of the company to avoid an intrusion before it ever happens.

Table of contents

  • How Hackers Beget Ethical Hackers
  • Defining hacker
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Understanding the Need to Hack Your Own Systems
  • Understanding the Dangers Your Systems Face
  • Nontechnical attacks
  • Network-infrastructure attacks
  • Operating-system attacks
  • Application and other specialized attacks
  • Obeying the Ethical Hacking Commandments
  • Respecting privacy
  • Not crashing your systems
  • The Ethical Hacking Process
  • Selecting tools
  • Executing the plan
  • Evaluating results
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