Beginner's Guide to IP Addresses


IP adresses tutorial courses material intented to beginners students.

IP address has a network portion and a host portion. In terms of the IP v4 addresses have a network part of 8, 16 or 24 bits according to the address class. Regarding the IP v6 addresses have a network part of 64 bits.

These default masks do not always stick to the particular needs of everyone. Therefore, it is possible to subdivide the networks by default using a subnet mask.

A subnet mask is a number of the same size as the address. The first bits are 1 and designate the network portion. The last bits are 0 and designate the host Party.

Examples: ... 111 111 000 000 111 111 000 000 ...

Table of contents

  • What is an IP address ?
  • Why do we need IP addresses ?
  • What is the difference between a private IP address and a unique IP address ?
  • How many addresses might I use ?
  • What do IP addresses look like ?
  • What is IPv4 and IPv6 adresse ?
  • How are IP addresses distributed ?
  • How are IPv4 and IPv6 addresses distributed ?
  • Who sets these policies ?
  • Why does every device need an IP address ?
  • Are the Internet and its technology ready for the transition to IPv6 ?
  • Will I be able to access the whole Internet as IPv6 use becomes more common ?
  • How can I get IPv6 connectivity ?
  • Additional Information


  • ISP Internet Service Provider
  • LAN Local Area Network
  • NAT Network Address Translation
  • NRO Number Resource Organization
  • PAN Personal Area Network
  • RIR Regional Internet Registry
  • VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol


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