How to configure Voice over IP

You can configure your IP phones and assign extensions to each phone. To do this you must provision your IP phones. Although your phones can be configured one by one manually via their web interface, this is not practical and will inevitably lead to errors and a significantly longer deployment time.

Moreover, their management in this way will be almost impossible. Supported IP phones can be automatically provisioned, allowing for easy deployment and management over time.

Table of contents

  • Voice over IP Overview
  • VoIP Benefits
  • VoIP Call Processing
  • VoIP Prerequisite Tasks
  • VoIP Network Design Considerations
  • VoIP Quality of Service Tips
  • Serialization
  • Bandwidth Consumption
  • VoIP Configuration Task List
  • Configuring VoIP over Frame Relay
  • VoIP Configuration Examples
  • VoIP over Frame Relay Configuration Example
  • FXS-to-FXS Connection Using RSVP
  • Linking PBX Users with E&M Trunk Lines
  • PSTN Gateway Access Using FXO Connection
  • PSTN Gateway Access Using FXO Connection (PLAR Mode)
  • VoIP for the Cisco AS5300 Configuration Example
  • Linking PBX Users to a T1 ISDN PRI Interface
  • VoIP for the Cisco AS5800 Configuration Example
  • Configuring the Cisco 3640 As a Gatekeeper
  • Configuring the Cisco 2600 As a Gateway
  • Configuring the Cisco AS5800 as a Gateway


Excerpt from tutorial

VoIP is a Layer 3 network protocol that uses various Layer 2 point-to-point or link-layer protocols such as PPP, Frame Relay, or ATM for its transport. VoIP enables Cisco routers, access servers, and multiservice access concentrators to carry and send voice and fax traffic over an IP network.

In VoIP, digital signal processors (DSPs) segment the voice signal into frames and store them in voice packets.

These voice packets are transported via IP in compliance with a voice communications protocol or standard such as H.323, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

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