Ruby on Rails PDF Tutorial

Learn the basics of Ruby on Rails programming language, free training document in 250 pages for all level users.

Ruby is a fully object-oriented, multi-platform interpreted language.

Ruby can be used as a scripting language in the same way as PERL or others, but its recent rise is mainly due to the appearance of Ruby On Rails, an extremely powerful web framework based on Ruby.

We will see here the basis of this language, its assets, etc.

This tutorial is the first step on your path to learning Ruby on Rails.You'll learn key concepts so you'll have a solid foundation for continued study. You'll build a working web application so you'll gain hands-on experience. Along the way, you'll practice the techniques used by professional Rails developers and you'll understand why Rails has become a popular choice for web development.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Concepts
  • Manage Your Project
  • Get Started
  • Create the Application
  • The Parking Structure
  • Time Travel with Git
  • Gems
  • Configure
  • Static Pages and Routing
  • Request and Response
  • Dynamic Home Page
  • Troubleshoot
  • Just Enough Ruby
  • Layout and Views
  • Front-End Framework
  • Add Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Spreadsheet Connection
  • Send Mail
  • Mailing List
  • Deploy
  • Analytics
  • Rails Challenges
  • Credits and Comments
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