Learning Ruby on Rails

This course aims to be the most complete guide on Ruby on Rails that exists on the internet. 


  • Have basic knowledge of object programming
  • Have a computer (mac, windows or linux)


This course aims to give you the basics to start ruby coding on the ruby on rails framework. It will teach you the logic to follow when performing a Ruby project, as well as the use of external resources (libraries, gem ...)

Table of contents

  • Get started with Ruby on Rails
  • Creating a Ruby on Rails application
  • Create a new Rails application with a non-standard database adapter
  • Creating Rails APIs in JSON
  • Rail installation
  • ActionCable
  • ActionController
  • JSON output instead of HTML
  • Add / remove fields in existing tables
  • Create a join table using Migrations
  • Manual test of your models
  • Using a template instance to update a row
  • Core Extensions: Access to Channels
  • Core Extensions: String Conversion to Date / Time
  • Basic extensions: exclusion of strings
  • Core Extensions: Chain Filters
  • Core Extensions: Inflection String
  • Adding an Amazon RDS application to your rails application
  • Add an admin panel
  • Rails API
  • Creating an API application only
  • ActiveRecord Associations
  • Self-referential association
  • Authentication of Rails 5 API
  • User Authentication in Rails
  • Authenticate Api using Currency
  • Authentication Token
  • Authorization with CanCan
  • ActiveRecord multi-purpose columns
  • Create a new Rails application
  • Remove Turbolinks
  • Add AngularJS to the Asset Pipeline
  • Organize the Angular application
  • Start the Angular application
  • Naming conventions
  • Deploying a Rails application on Heroku
  • Replace the HTML code in views
  • HAML - another way to use in your views
  • How to create a new customer in Stripe
  • I18n - Internationalization
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