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Algorithmic Graph Theory

Algorithmic Graph Theory

This is an introductory book on algorithmic graph theory. Theory and algorithms are illustrated using the Sage open source mathematics software. To get an overview of the book, you can view the table of contents as shown below or download the complete book. This book is more commonly known as the "DaMNeD" book if you notice how our names are used to abbreviate the book.

This is a textbook on graph theory, especially suitable for computer scientists but also suitable for mathematicians with an interest in computational complexity. Although it introduces most of the classical concepts of pure and applied graph theory (spanning trees, connectivity, genus, colourability, flows in networks, matchings and traversals) and covers many of the major classical theorems, the emphasis is on algorithms and thier complexity: which graph problems have known efficient solutions and which are intractable.

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Submitted On: 2020-08-27
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