Introduction to Spring MVC

This pdf tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to develop a web application from scratch using the Spring Framework.Free training course material under 68 pages by Thomas Risberg, Rick Evans and Portia Tung.

The Spring Framework is a box with very rich tools to organize, enhance and simplify writing JEE application. Spring is organized by modulus

  • Managing instances of classes (JavaBeans and / or business)
  • Aspect-oriented programming,
  • MVC model and tools for WEB application,
  • Tools for CAD (JDBC)
  • Tools for ORM (Hibernate, iBatis, JPA, ...)
  • Tools for JEE applications (EJB, JTA, Servlet, JSP, ...)

Table of contents

  • The application we are building
  • Basic Application and Environment Setup
  • Create the project directory structure
  • Create'index.jsp'
  • Deploy the application to Tomcat
  • Check the application works
  • DownloadtheSpringFramework
  • Modify 'web.xml' in the 'WEB-INF' directory
  • Copy libraries to'WEB-INF/lib'
  • Create the Controller
  • Create the View
  • Compile and deploy the application
  • Developing and Configuring the Views and the Controller
  • Configure JSTL and add JSP header file
  • Improvethecontroller
  • Decouple the view from the controller
  • Developing the Business Logic
  • Business logic
  • Developing the WebInterface
  • Add reference to business logic in the controller
  • Adding a form
  • Adding a form controller
  • Implementing Database Persistence
  • Create database startup script
  • Create table and test data scripts
  • Create a Data Access Object (DAO) implementation for JDBC
  • Implement tests for JDBC DAO implementation
  • Integrating the Web Application with the Persistence Layer
  • Create new application context for service layer configuration
  • BuildScripts
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