Introduction to language R

For more than a decade, the R language has seen remarkable progress In its functionalities, in the variety of its fields of application Or, more simply, in the number of its users.

R is both a statistical software and a programming language.

R is a statistical data processing software. It works in the form of a shell. It has a very large library of statistical functions, all the wider as it is possible to integrate new ones by the system of 'packages', external modules compiled (in the form of DLL under Windows) You can download free on the internet. R also offers a wide range of graphical features. It is possible to use R in intercative mode without ever having to program.

R is an interpreted programming (scripting) language derived from S (available in the S-PLUS software). As such, it incorporates all the characteristics: simple and structured data, input-output operation, conditional connections, conditional and conditional loops, recursion, etc. In particular, we will be able to create new data processing functions with the R language.

This pdf tutorial is an introduction to language R, free training document under 10 pages for beginners.

Table of contents

  • Background
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Basics 
  • Specific Tasks
  • Entering and Exiting the Program
  • Reading Data
  • Storing Data Sets
  • Accessing and Creating Variables
  • Subsetting Data
  • Missing Values
  • Graphics
  • Programming
  • Statistical Functions
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Statisical Modeling
  • Multivariate Techniques
  • Resources
  • The R Homepage 
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