IOS tutorial for developers

Download free PDF tutorial about IOS programming, learn how to creat your IOS applications, this document is a complet training course in 893 pages.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with iOS Development
  • Creating a default Single View Application
  • Hello World
  • Xcode Interface
  • Create your first program in Swift
  • UILabel
  • Create a UILabel
  • Number of Lines
  • Set Font
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Size to fit
  • Text alignment
  • Calculate Content Bounds (for ie dynamic cell heights)
  • Label Attributed Text
  • UILocalNotification
  • Scheduling a local notification
  • Presenting a local notification immediately
  • Managing local notifications using UUID
  • Registering for local notifications
  • what's new in UILocalNotification with iOS
  • Resizing UIImage
  • Resize any image by size & quality
  • Cut a UIImage into a circle
  • Cut a image into a circle - Objective C
  • SWIFT Example
  • UITableView
  • Self-Sizing Cells
  • Taking a snapshot
  • Create a UIView
  • Shake a View
  • Utilizing Intrinsic Content Size
  • Programmatically manage UIView insertion and deletion into and from another UIView
  • Create UIView using Autolayout
  • Animating a UIView
  • UIView extension for size and frame attributes
  • Snapshot of UIView
  • Getting the Snapshot
  • Snapshot with subview with other markup and text
  • UIAlertController
  • UITextField Delegate
  • Actions when a user has started/ended interacting with a textfield
  • UITextField - Restrict textfield to certain characters
  • UINavigationController
  • with CoreBluetooth
  • Core Data
  • Profile with Instruments
  • Application rating/review request
  • MyLayout
  • Simulator Builds
  • Simulating Location Using GPX files iOS
  • SqlCipher integration
  • Security
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