Get Started with Arduino

Download free course Get Started with Arduino, pdf file on 180 pages by Matt Bradshaw, Jo Hinchliffe, Dr Andrew Lewis, Jenny List, Brian Lough, Graham Morrison, John Wargo.
Whether you want to build robots, smart devices, or any other electronically controlled projects, this is the book you need. We take you through how to program and connect an Arduino microcontroller board, then explore some great projects to make with it.

- Build a four-legged walking robot;
- Create a Tetris-inspired clock;
- Grow your own veg with hydroponics;
- Make music with a DIY synthesizer;
- And much more!

Table of contents

  • The Ultimate Guide to Arduino
  • Add Arduino power to your projects
  • Reading digital data
  • Seven-segment displaysand multidimensional arrays
  • 30 Multiplexing, operators,and four seven-segments
  • 34 Temperature, humidity, and libraries
  • Stacks, classes, and scrolling displays
  • Pointers and linked lists
  • Build a games console
  • Sound, envelopes, and interrupts
  • Copy and send infrared signals
  • Debugging
  • Way Home Meter
  • Desktop hydroponic gardening
  • Make a word clock
  • Polyphonic digital synthesizer
  • WiFi Tetris clock
  • Let's learn LoRa
  • Build your first walking robot
  • Build a synth
  • Freeduino
  • Chartreuse
  • Word clock
  • Assistive spoon
  • Arduinoflake
  • Grand Central M4 Express
  • NeoTrellis M4 Express
  • Arduino Every and 33 IoT
  • Teensy 4.0
  • Black and Blue Pills
Pages : 180
Size : 62.3 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 97
Created: 2022-02-02
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): Matt Bradshaw, Jo Hinchliffe, Dr Andrew Lewis, Jenny List, Brian Lough, Graham Morrison, John Wargo
Get Started with Arduino

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