How To Code in Python 3

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Extremely versatile and popular among developers, Python is a good general-purpose language that can be used in a variety of applications. For those with an understanding of English, Python is a very humanreadable programming language, allowing for quick comprehension. Because Python supports multiple styles including scripting and object-oriented programming, it is considered to be a multi-paradigm language that enables programmers to use the most suitable style to complete a project. Increasingly used in industry, Python offers a lot of potential for those who would like to begin coding while also being a good choice for those looking to pick up an additional programming language.

Learning the key concepts of Python can help you understand how programs work while also imparting foundational logic that can serve you in other domains. Understanding what Python and computer programming can offer you both as a user and as a developer is important as technology is further integrated into daily life.

Table of contents

  • Python 2 vs Python 3: Practical Considerations
  • How To Install Python 3 and Set Up a Local Programming Environment
  • How To Write Your First Python 3 Program
  • How To Work with the Python Interactive Console
  • How To Write Comments
  • Understanding Data Types
  • An Introduction to Working with Strings
  • How To Format Text
  • An Introduction to String Functions
  • How To Index and Slice Strings
  • How To Convert Data Types
  • How To Use Variables
  • How To Use String Formatters
  • How To Do Math with Operators
  • Built-in Python 3 Functions for Working with Numbers
  • Understanding Boolean Logic
  • Understanding Lists
  • How To Use List Methods
  • Understanding List Comprehensions
  • Understanding Tuples
  • Understanding Dictionaries
  • How To Import Modules
  • How To Write Modules
  • How To Write Conditional Statements
  • How To Construct While Loops
  • How To Construct For Loops
  • How To Use Break, Continue, and Pass Statements when Working with Loops
  • How To Define Functions
  • How To Use *args and **kwargs
  • How To Construct Classes and Define Objects
  • Understanding Class and Instance Variables
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • How To Apply Polymorphism to Classes
  • How To Use the Python Debugger
  • How To Debug Python with an Interactive Console
  • How To Use Logging
  • How To Port Python 2 Code to Python 3
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How To Code in Python 3

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