Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure

Download free course Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure, pdf file on 113 pages by by Steve Smith.
The audience for this guide is mainly developers, development leads, and architects who are interested in building modern web applications using Microsoft technologies and services in the cloud.

A secondary audience is technical decision makers who are already familiar ASP.NET or Azure and are looking for information on whether it makes sense to upgrade to ASP.NET Core for new or existing projects.

This guide has been condensed into a relatively small document that focuses on building web applications with modern .NET technologies and Azure. As such, it can be read in its entirety to provide a foundation of understanding such applications and their technical considerations. The guide, along with its sample application, can also serve as a starting point or reference. Use the associated sample application as a template for your own applications, or to see how you might organize your application's component parts. Refer back to the guide's principles and coverage of architecture and technology options and decision considerations when you're weighing these choices for your own application.

Table of contents

  • Characteristics of modern web applications
  • Choose between traditional web apps and single page apps
  • Architectural principles
  • Common web application architectures
  • Common client side web technologies
  • Develop ASP.NET Core MVC Apps
  • Work with data in ASP.NET Core
  • Test ASP.NET Core MVC Apps
  • Development process for Azure
  • Azure hosting recommendations for ASP.NET web apps
Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure
Pages : 113
Size : 3.5 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 87
Created: 2022-02-01
License: Open Publication License
Author(s): by Steve Smith

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