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50 Ways to Avoid Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues

50 Ways to Avoid Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues

Download free course 50 Ways to Avoid Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues, pdf file on 50 pages by Red Gate.


Read the tips and tricks that top developers from the .NET and SQL Server communities use to boost code and query performance in their applications.

50 tips from the .NET and SQL Server communities for boosting performance in your .NET application; Learn the secrets of your fellow developers and read advice from MVPs and other experts; Covers performance problems in .NET code, SQL Server queries, interactions between code and database, and more...

Table of contents

  • Caching is a last resort
  • Remove unused View Engines
  • Use Microsoft's PDBs to debug or profile external assemblies or libraries
  • A selection of tips
  • Make sure paging is conducted at the database layer
  • Always perform validation on the server
  • Review what client scripts you are using
  • Reduce the data sent across the network
  • Avoid running sites in debug mode
  • When in production, carefully consider what you need to log
  • A selection of tips
  • Use the startMode attribute to reduce the load time for your ASP.NET site
  • Don't underestimate the value of the UI when tackling performance problems
  • Throw hardware at the problem, not developers
  • Don't assume that problems can only arise from business logic
  • Before tackling any website performance issue, first verify the problem isn't on the client
  • Static collections
  • Know your loops
  • Seven handy ViewState tips
  • Avoid using session state
  • Take advantage of .NET 4.5 async constructs
  • StringBuilder is NOT the answer for all string concatenation scenarios; String.Join could be
  • ORM Tips
  • T-SQL Tips
  • Index Tips

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