Effective AWK Programming

Download free course Effective AWK Programming, pdf file on 572 pages by Arnold Robbins.
When processing text files, the awk language is ideal for handling data extraction, reporting, and data-reformatting jobs. This practical guide serves as both a reference and tutorial for POSIX-standard awk and for the GNU implementation, called gawk. This book is useful for novices and awk experts alike.

In this thoroughly revised 5th edition, author and gawk lead developer Arnold Robbins describes the awk language and gawk program in detail, shows you how to use awk and gawk for problem solving, and then dives into specific features of gawk. System administrators, programmers, webmasters, and other power users will find everything they need to know about awk and gawk.

You will learn how to:
- Format text and use regular expressions in awk and gawk
- Process data using awk's operators and built-in functions
- Manage data relationships using associative arrays
- Define your own functions
- "Think in awk" with two full chapters of sample functions and programs
- Take advantage of gawk's many advanced features
- Debug awk programs with the gawk built-in debugger
- Extend gawk by writing new functions in C or C++

Table of contents

  • Getting Started with awk
  • Running awk and gawk
  • Regular Expressions
  • Reading Input Files
  • Printing Output
  • Expressions
  • Patterns, Actions, and Variables
  • Arrays in awk
  • Functions
  • A Library of awk Functions
  • Practical awk Programs
  • Advanced Features of gawk
  • Internationalization with gawk
  • Debugging awk Programs
  • Namespaces in gawk
  • Arithmetic and Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetic with gawk
  • Writing Extensions for gawk
  • The Evolution of the awk Language
  • Installing gawk
  • Implementation Notes
  • Basic Programming Concepts
Pages : 572
Size : 3.6 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 52
Created: 2022-02-02
License: GNU FDL
Author(s): Arnold Robbins
Effective AWK Programming

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