Software Project Management

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide an extended overview of the software project management, free pdf training courses on 29 pages intended to beginners.

Management of teams, budgeting, monitoring progress, coordination, project management / project management, change management, methodologies: what you need to know to manage a software project.

In the management of IT projects, technical skills are essential but insufficient to master the tasks related to planning to the monitoring and control of all the components of a software project. This course is designed to fill these gaps.

Software development process, management practices, metrics, organizational aspects, standards.

 Table of contents

  • Some important issues of software project management 
  • Software Development Process 
  • The waterfall model of software development
  • The spiral model of software development
  • The Unified Process of object oriented software development
  • Requirements Engineering 
  • Software Architecture 
  • Organizational Aspects 
  • General principles of software organizations
  • Management Strategies and Techniques
  • Risk Assessment
  • Software Metrics
  • Productivity
  • Software Testing
  • selecting test scenarios
  • running and evaluating test scenarios
  • measuring testing progress
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software configuration management activities
  • Best Practices
  • Software Project Management Topics on the Web
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