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Download Guide PowerPoint 2013 course in PDF

Guide PowerPoint 2013

Guide of Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 in PDF a quick references card to learn the basics of PowerPoint,a free tutorial for download and training document under 2 pages designated to begginers.

Submitted On : 2015-11-16

Taille : 449.01 Kb

Downloads : 1300

Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 step by step course in PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 step by step

This courses is designated to beginning-level and intermediate-level computer users. It teach you some skills that can be used to make a beutiful presentation.

Submitted On : 2015-11-16

Taille : 14,779.36 Kb

Downloads : 3242

Download PowerPoint 2013 course course in PDF

PowerPoint 2013 course

Download Microsoft powerpoint 2013 courses for student, free training document in PDF designated for brginners.

Submitted On : 2015-12-09

Taille : 1,016.94 Kb

Downloads : 1806

Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 course in PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

This PDF tutorial is aimed at beginner who wants to creat their own PowerPoint presentation ,easy course with illustrative images,free training lesson under 14 pages by Dawn Rauscher.

Submitted On : 2015-12-30

Taille : 1,148.75 Kb

Downloads : 691

Download Quick guide to PowerPoint 2010 course in PDF

Quick guide to PowerPoint 2010

This pdf tutorial will help you understand PowerPoint 2010 features and create presentation for school or work. I will show you how to use each feature step by step so you you will learn PowerPoint 2010 easily and efficiently.

Submitted On : 2017-02-18

Taille : 1,001.09 Kb

Downloads : 547