Black book for virus and hacking

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This is the first in a series of three books about computer viruses. In these volumes I want to challenge you to think in new ways about viruses, and break down false concepts and wrong ways of thinking, and go on from there to discuss the relevance of computer viruses in today’s world.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The Basics of the Computer Virus
  • Types of Viruses
  • The Functional Elements of a Virus
  • Functional diagram of a virus
  • Tools Needed for Writing Viruses
  • A Simple COM File Infector
  • An Outline for a Virus
  • Data Storage for the Virus
  • The Master Control Routine
  • The First Host
  • A Sophisticated Executable Virus
  • The Structure of an EXE File
  • Infecting an EXE File
  • Anti-Detection Routines
  • Passing Control to the Host
  • A Simple Boot Sector Virus
  • The Necessary Components of a Boot Sector
  • Taming the Virus
  • The Anti-Detection Mechanism
  • Installing the Virus in Memory

From the start I want to stress that I do not advocate anyone’s going out and infecting an innocent party’s computer system with a malicious virus designed to destroy valuable data or bring their system to a halt. That is not only wrong, it is illegal. If you do that, you could wind up in jail or find yourself being sued for millions.

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Black book for virus and hacking

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