How To Code in Node.js

Download free course How To Code in Node.js, pdf file on 418 pages by David Landup, Marcus Sanatan.
Node.js is a popular open-source runtime environment that can execute JavaScript outside of the browser. The Node runtime is commonly used for back-end web development, leveraging its asynchronous capabilities to create networking applications and web servers. Node is also a popular choice for building command line tools.

In this book, you will go through exercises to learn the basics of how to code in Node.js, gaining skills that apply equally to back-end and full stack development in the process.

By the end of this book you will be able to write programs that leverage Node's asynchronous code execution capabilities, complete with event emitters and listeners that will respond to user actions. Along the way you will learn how to debug Node applications using the built-in debugging utilities, as well as the Chrome browser's DevTools utilities. You will also learn how to write automated tests for your programs to ensure that any features that you add or change function as you expect.

Table of contents

  • How To Write and Run Your First Program in Node.js
  • How To Use the Node.js REPL
  • How To Use Node.js Modules with npm and package.json
  • How To Create a Node.js Module
  • How To Write Asynchronous Code in Node.js
  • How To Test a Node.js Module with Mocha and Assert
  • How To Create a Web Server in Node.js with the HTTP Module
  • Using Buffers in Node.js
  • Using Event Emitters in Node.js
  • How To Debug Node.js with the Built-In Debugger and Chrome DevTools
  • How To Launch Child Processes in Node.js
  • How To Work with Files using the fs Module in Node.js
  • How To Create an HTTP Client with Core HTTP in Node.js
Pages : 418
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Created: 2022-02-02
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): David Landup, Marcus Sanatan
How To Code in Node.js

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