Bash Notes for Professionals

Download free course Bash Notes for Professionals, pdf file on 204 pages by by Stack Overflow Community.
The Bash Notes for Professionals book is compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation, the content is written by the beautiful people at Stack Overflow.

Table of contents

  • Getting started with Bash
  • Script shebang
  • Navigating directories
  • Listing Files
  • Using cat
  • Grep
  • Aliasing
  • Jobs and Processes
  • Redirection
  • Control Structures
  • true, false and : commands
  • Arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Functions
  • Bash Parameter Expansion
  • Copying (cp)
  • Find
  • Using sort
  • Sourcing
  • Here documents and here strings
  • Quoting
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Scripting with Parameters
  • Bash history substitutions
  • Math
  • Bash Arithmetic
  • Scoping
  • Process substitution
  • Programmable completion
  • Customizing PS1
  • Brace Expansion
  • getopts : smart positional-parameter parsing
  • Debugging
  • Pattern matching and regular expressions
  • Change shell
  • Internal variables
  • Job Control
  • Case statement
  • Read a file (data stream, variable) line-by-line (and/or field-by-field)?
  • File execution sequence
  • Splitting Files
  • File Transfer using scp
  • Pipelines
  • Managing PATH environment variable
  • Word splitting
  • Avoiding date using printf
  • Using "trap" to react to signals and system events
  • Chain of commands and operations
  • Type of Shells
  • Color script output (cross-platform)
  • co-processes
  • Typing variables
  • Jobs at specific times
  • Handling the system prompt
  • The cut command
  • Bash on Windows 10
  • Cut Command
  • global and local variables
  • CGI Scripts
  • Select keyword
  • When to use eval
  • Networking With Bash
  • Parallel
  • Decoding URL
  • Design Patterns
  • Pitfalls
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Pages : 204
Size : 1.7 MB
File type : PDF
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Created: 2022-02-01
License: CC BY-SA
Author(s): by Stack Overflow Community
Bash Notes for Professionals

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