Laravel Collections Unraveled

Download free course Laravel Collections Unraveled, pdf file on 30 pages by Jeffrey Madsen.
In "Laravel Collections Unraveled" we are going to see just what is so amazing about this class by digging down under the hood to understand the full range of functions availalble, and create practical examples of each of them that we can use right away. In the process, we're going to perhaps improve our basic PHP skills a bit by getting more familiar with ArrayObjects, CachingIterators, IteratorAggregates and some other handy tools.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Collections?
  • The functions - Array Mimicking
  • The functions - Array Mechanics
  • The functions - Array Wrappers
  • The functions - Ways to sort
  • The functions - Ways to filter
  • The functions - Ways to loop, transform and misc. methods
  • Support Collections vs. Eloquent Collections
  • Appendix - What's New in Laravel 5.2
  • Appendix - What's New in Laravel 5.3
  • Appendix - What's New in Laravel 5.4
  • To be continued...
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Created: 2022-02-03
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Author(s): Jeffrey Madsen
Laravel Collections Unraveled

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