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What is hacking?

Many young computer scientists or amateurs dream of becoming "hacker", it is very often to demonstrate that one is an ace in computer science. So they start searching on google "hacking technique; how to infiltrate a computer network; how to hijack a server; how to surf for free; how to do this or that "... the most ridiculous is that when they finally discover that to better learn all these things you have to have as much knowledge as you can in programming, in computer networks and other they start to pinball and it is so they start to search on google, to facilitate things: "free download of software to hack .... »!!!!
All this is ridiculous !!!!! Excuse me for being so "raw". on the other hand to help the best these people here is an article simplify on piracy, what to know and master before anything else.

The actors of piracy:

  • Hackers
  • Hacktivists
  • Crackers
  • Script-Kiddies

In recent years, the rapid expansion of the Internet bubble has given rise to new horizons in terms of communication and exchange, deeply disrupting our habits. But this sudden change has also given rise to the fear of the "pirate", as the media and record companies call it. If the Internet is not free of threats, the mediatization of the latter has created an amalgam, even confusing the Internet user adept exchanges by the "peer to peer" cracker, or hacker "black hat". All qualified as pirates.
What is a hacker? The answer could be simple: a person who illegally uses a computer. But, who has never downloaded a single music or a movie, or only copied on his hard drive a cd loaned by friends? Not many people. Such a definition would amount to qualifying all computer users (or almost) as hackers! This reflection is also at the origin of current debates on the limits of computer illegality and the means of control to be considered.

Without going into a substantive debate, this article tries to clarify some definitions and clarify some terms.

Hackers :

The origin of the word hacker dates back to the arrival of the first computer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, American university located in Cambridge): the IBM 704 (see photo).
This computer quickly falls prey to passionate students who will push the machine to the end, "hacking" down to the last detail, without worrying about IBM's usage protocols for a multi-million dollar machine. At the time, their work was termed hacking, which was the use of a machine or technology for purposes that were not intended (hacking means hashing, but a better translation at the level of meaning would be hacking) .

Today, the word hacker refers to a great computer specialist, whether in the field of security or that of programming or any other field of computing.

We distinguish different categories of hackers with the classic opposition "good - bad", where rather "wicked - kind":

1. The Hacker White Hats. (the good ones ")

White hats use their knowledge and knowledge to serve today's society. They can be security consultants, network administrators, or work in the open source community. Some of them are at the origin of open source and the philosophy that results from it.
Becoming a hacker white hats is assimilating knowledge and experience by participating in community projects, in order to be accepted by its members. This requires investing in open source projects, and adopting a certain culture (see here). The French community even has its own deontology (By that).

2. The Hacker Black Hats. (The villains ")

Black hats use their knowledge to undo or circumvent malicious systems and networks. They also have their own community. They can be called "hackers" in the sense that their actions are harmful.
Their targets can be any corporate network, Internet or organizational hot-servers like NASA, government sites ... They are also at the origin of a number of threats such as viruses , worms ... Their targets are then any computer plugged into the web (see the threats).

3. The Hacker Gray Hats.

The gray hats are in between: they have no harmful goals but do not hesitate to penetrate certain networks or systems illegally, they seek more the exploit and the fame.

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