Wireless Hacking tutorial

Download free PDF tutorial about Wireless Hacking and Technic of protection, training document under 70 pages intended to beginners by Edri Guy.


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Many young computer scientists or beginners dream of becoming 'hacker', it is very often to demonstrate that one is an ace in computer science. So they start to search on google 'hacking technique; How to infiltrate a computer network; How to hijack a server; How to surf free; How to do this or that '... the most ridiculous thing is that when they finally discover that to better learn all these things one must have as much as it can of knowledge in programming, computer networks and other they begin to freak ,they go to search on google, to make things easier: 'free software download to hack ....

All this is ridiculous . On the other hand to help the best these people here is an article simplifying on hacking, what to know and learn before everything.

Table of contents

  • We're going to learn how WiFi (802.11) works
  • Start with terminology
  • Types
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Attacking them
  • Surprise demonstration of....:)
  • Terminology
  • Channels
  • Transmission Power
  • A little backdoor
  • WiFi has 6 modes
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Created: 2017-04-01

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