HackSpace Magazine: Issue 50

Download free course HackSpace Magazine: Issue 50, pdf file on 116 pages by HackSpace Team.
Machine learning used to be the preserve of university research departments with money to burn on high-power, high-cost kit - but not any more! Thanks to a new breed of affordable dev boards, anyone can get in on the act at pocket money prices. We've trawled the makersphere for the best, most creative machine learning projects to show just what can be done. The future of machine learning is awesome - and it's here right now!

- Light painting: incredible images created with a Raspberry Pi, LEDs, and the passage of time
- Matt Stultz: 3D printing guru on Prusa, printing and the pandemic
- Lathe gearbox: use a Raspberry Pi Pico to control the speed of a spinny thing
- Christmas PCBs: get into the festive mood with custom flashing decorations

Table of contents

  • Top Projects
  • Objet 3d'art
  • Meet the Maker
  • Letters
  • Crowdfunding now
  • Machine learning
  • How I Made: Pilightpaint
  • Interview: Matt Stultz
  • Improviser's Toolbox Wrapping paper
  • SoM Pico gearbox
  • Tutorial Parallel NeoPixels
  • Tutorial Sensors
  • Tutorial FreeCAD
  • Tutorial Vinyl cutting
  • Tutorial Festive lights
  • Best of Breed
  • Direct from Shenzhen
  • Review Seesaw
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Author(s): HackSpace Team
HackSpace Magazine: Issue 50

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