Migrating Big Data Analytics into the Cloud

Download free course Migrating Big Data Analytics into the Cloud, pdf file on 16 pages by Mike Barlow.
Just how strong is the movement of big data analytics to the cloud? This report, based on a survey by O'Reilly data analyst John King, reveals that the desire among corporations to adopt big data-as-a-service is gaining momentum-and that many organizations with big data cloud experience are likely to expand their use.

King's recent survey of IT and data professionals in finance, healthcare, technology, and telecom illustrates the ways many of them plan to use big data in the cloud-with predictive analytics leading the charge-and explains why others are still reluctant to join the migration. There are also some surprises, such as the continued popularity of relational databases and the lack of interest in social network analysis.

If your company is looking into big data cloud services, this concise report is well worth your while.

Table of contents

  • Survey Reveals Perceived Challenges and Benefits of "As-a-Service"
  • Models for Analytics
  • Into the Cloud
  • Current and Planned Use of Analytics
  • Cloud Applications
  • As-a-Service Models
  • Areas Where Additional Help Might be Necessary
  • Reasons for Reluctance
  • Unexpected Costs
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Created: 2022-02-03
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Author(s): Mike Barlow
Migrating Big Data Analytics into the Cloud

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