How To Build Your Own PC

This is a free Build PC PDF tutorial in 19 chapters and 26 pages. 

Building your own PC feels like a rite of passage. You’ve gone from buying off-theshelf computers that anyone can get, to creating your own customized machine. It's very gratifying . . . as well as intimidating. But the process itself is actually quite simple. We'll walk you through everything you need to know. 

Table of contents

  • Eliminate Static Risk
  • Get Everything Together
  • Install The Motherboard’s I/O Shield
  • Install The Motherboard
  • Install The Processo
  • Install The CPU Fan
  • Install RAM
  • Install The Graphics Card
  • Install Other Expansion Cards
  • Install Storage Drives
  • Install Optical Drives
  • Install The PSU
  • Connect The PSU
  • Install Case Fans
  • Double-Check Everything
  • Boot It Up
  • Install the Operating System
How To Build Your Own PC
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