Computer Architecture


In this tutorial, we briefly describe a basic computer architecture and principles of its operation ,a free PDF training course under 12 pages by  Milo Martin & Amir Roth.

A computer is an information processing machine. It is able to acquire information, store it, turn it into performing any treatments and return it in another form. 

The computer word is a contraction of the words information and automatic.

The main constituents of a minimum computer

A computer, is composed of a center and a periphery. We will focus on the heart of a single-processor computer. We know that it is composed of:

A central unit comprising:

  • Processing unit,
  • control unit
  • Units trade.
  • A Central Memory

Course index

  • What is Computer Architecture?
  • Introduction
  • Design Goals
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • High performance
  • Shaping Force: Applications/Domains
  • Application Specific Designs
  • General-purpose CPUs
  • Application-specific chips
  • Constant Change: Technology
  • The Microprocessor
  • First Microprocessor
  • Implicit Parallelism
  • Abstraction, Layering, and Computers
  • Why Study Computer Architecture?
  • Computer Science as an Estuary
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