Basic Computer Hardware Tutorial

Let's first look at the different parts that form a computer.

As you may already know, we can divide the logic of a machine into two parts: hardware and software. Let's first see the hardware.

This section is just an overview of the different parts: This course gives a more formal and detailed description of the various components of a computer. This chapter does not explain the internal workings of the pieces, but rather describes their roles and relationships.

Table of contents

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Main Computer Box
  • CD or DVD
  • Disk slot


The processor 

It is the most important piece in a computer. It is the electronic chip that is the brain of your machine. When a computer is running a program, the processor is responsible for reading each instruction one after the other and performing what is requested.



Memory is the second most important component in a computer. When programs are executed, they are first loaded into memory for processing. In addition, when you edit a text, it is located in the memory at the time of editing. In short, each task performed on a computer must temporarily store information in memory.


The hard drive

The hard drive is where the unused data and programs are stored. Unlike RAM, disk data is permanently recorded (unless severe hardware failure occurs). This is a real advantage over RAM. Unfortunately, the technology used for hard disks (mechanical) does not allow access as fast as RAM (electronic). That's why hard drives are not as expensive as RAM. The hard disks of today (2002) are measured in terms of gigabytes.


The keyboard and mouse 

They are part of what are called input devices. The word peripheral means devices that are around the central machine, that is, around the processor and memory. To this word, the input word is added which means that the device is used to input data into the machine (input peripheral). Of course, there are also output peripherals for outputting data from the machine (eg screen, printer).

The keyboard and mouse, in particular, expect data from you. It is with these tools that you can communicate with the computer to ask it to run your programs and your daily tasks. For those who are real beginners, the keyboard is located in front of you with these many keys. (Each key has a symbol printed on it - like a typing keyboard). The mouse is located next to it. It is the device that usually has two or three buttons and is located on a small mat.


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