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Motherboard Study Guide

Motherboard Study Guide

After reading this training document about Motherboard computer, you will become very familiar with how a computer works, and understand how the motherboard is the main factor in determining the computers performance and abilities.

The motherboard is an electronic board enabling all printed circuits of a computer to be interconnected. It is the largest card in the computer that will centralize all the data and have it processed by the processor

The motherboard is the main component of the CPU. The role of the motherboard is to centralize and process the data exchanged in a computer using the processor, which is fixed on it. The motherboard thus manages the hard disk, a disk, keyboard and mouse, network, USB ports ...

Table of contents

  • What is a Motherboard?
  • What does a Motherboard look like?
  • Motherboard Differences
  • Motherboard Components
  • CMOS & RTC Battery
  • Plug & Play Motherboards
  • RAM
  • BUS
  • Adapter slots and types
  • BUS Slot Images
  • CPU & Socket
  • Onboard CACHE RAM
  • Jumpers & Pins
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Super I/O Controller
  • Internal Connectors
  • External Connectors
  • Serial port connectors
  • Parallel port connectors
  • Keyboard connector
  • Mouse connector
  • Video Display connector 
  • Game / Midi Port connector 
  • Power connector 
  • Firewire connectors 
  • Telephone and Network connectors 
  • USB connectors
  • Connector Images

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