Central Processing Unit (CPU) Tutorial

In this pdf training course, we will learn:

  • Instruction representation
  • Data transfer mechanism between MM and CPU
  • The internal functional units of two different CPU architectures
  • How these units are interconnected
  • How a processor executes instructions

The processor is the brain of the computer, which organizes the data exchanges between the different components (hard disk, RAM memory, graphics card) and makes the calculations that make the computer interact with you and displays Your system to the screen. Its power is expressed in Hz. Today, a processor reaches 3Ghz (Giga, billions) and some computers are equipped with several processors.

The processor is an electronic chip about 4cm of side and a few millimeters of height which heats a lot because very solicited. It is overhung by a radiator: thin metal strips that will capture the heat emitted by the processor and still above a fan that will evacuate this heat.

 The computing power of a processor is expressed in Hertz. Today processors are able to reach more than 2Ghz (Giga Hertz = billions of Hertz) or billions of calculations per second.

However, by dint of miniaturizing the computer components, the processors have reached their limit. Today, computers are therefore equipped with several processors that operate in parallel to increase power.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) pdf Tutorial 

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