Getting started with ASP.NET

This tutorial guides you step by step to create an ASP.NET Web pages ,free training document under 62 pages by Erik Reitan.

Table of contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Prerequisites
  • Tutorial Support and Comments
  • Creating the Project
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Background
  • Creating, reviewing and running the new project
  • Creating the database structure
  • Initializing and seeding the database
  • Customizing the UI using styles, graphics and a master page
  • Adding pages and navigation
  • Displaying menu details and product data
  • Additional Resources
  • Creating the Data Models
  • Adding Image Files
  • Adding a Data Control to Display Navigation Data
  • Running the Application and Creating the Database
  • Display Data Items and Details
  • Adding Code to Display Products
  • Running the Application
  • Conclusion
Getting started with ASP.NET
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Created: 2015-11-20

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