Learning JavaScript

Download Advanced JavaScript Course, PDF document on 643 pages created by StackOverFlow.

This is a free and unofficial JavaScript ebook created for educational purposes. All content is
extracted from the Stack Overflow documentation, written by many developers.

Table of ontents

  • Get started with JavaScript
  • Use the DOM API
  • Logging variables
  • Use window.prompt ()
  • Use the DOM API (with graphic text: Canvas, SVG or image file)
  • Use window.confirm ()
  • Sending messages
  • Reception, validation and processing of messages
  • Assignment of destruction
  • Destructuration of internal variables
  • Using rest parameters to create an argument array
  • Use GET and no parameters
  • Sending and receiving JSON data via POST
  • View the main JavaScript questions for the month from the Stack Overflow API
  • Use GET with parameters
  • Chaining assignments in declarations var.
  • Battery State API
  • Cryptographically random data
  • Creating abstracts (eg SHA-256)
  • Selection API
  • Retrieves the text of the selection
  • Fluent API
  • Get random between two numbers
  • Random with Gaussian distribution
  • Get the maximum and the minimum
  • Get the maximum and minimum of a table:
  • Standard "for" loops
  • Standard use
  • Multiple declarations
  • Change the increment
  • Decremented loop
  • "while" loops
  • Standard Loop So
  • Decremented loop
  • Do ... while the loop
  • "Break" in loop
  • Get out of a loop
  • Check if a key exists in a card
  • Iterative maps
  • Delete an item with the key
  • Coercition / Variable Conversion
  • How to make the iterator usable in the asynchronous callback function
  • Use comments
  • Simple line Comment //
  • Multi-line comment / ** /
  • Declaration of change
  • Multiple inclusion criteria for cases
  • Ternary operators
  • Avoid attempts / catches in critical functions
  • Use a memoizer for compute intensive functions
  • Comparative analysis of your code - measurement of execution time
  • Prefer local variables to globals, attributes, and indexed values
  • Reuse objects instead of recreating them
  • Value Tab - console.table ()
  • Include a stack trace when connecting - console.trace ()
  • Printing on the debug console of a browser
  • Use groups to indent an output
  • Clear console - console.clear ()
  • Interactive display of objects and XML - console.dir (), console.dirxml ()
  • Substrings with a slice
  • Split a string into a table
  • Strings are unicode
  • Detect a channel
  • Compare Lexicographically Channels
  • String in uppercase
  • The bases of the primitive type of symbol
  • Converting a symbol to a string
  • Using Symbol.for () to create global shared symbols
  • Browser detection
  • Conversion between Blobs and ArrayBuffers
  • Convert a Blob to an ArrayBuffer (asynchronous)
  • Clear storage
  • Error conditions
  • Delete a storage element
  • Correspondence with .exec ()
  • Match using .exec ()
  • Loop through matches using .exec ()
  • Check if the string contains a pattern using .test ()
  • Link `this` and arguments
  • Link Operator
  • Linking Console Functions to Variables
  • iterator
  • Creative design templates
  • equestAnimationFrame
  • Add value
  • Check if a value exists
  • Delete a value
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Created: 2019-04-21

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